The Yoga People - Yoga Teacher Training 2016

Dulce Aguilar - Founder The Yoga People

Since her encounter with Yoga, Dulce Aguilar began a journey of re-connection with her true self. This happened when she was 23 years old in a small studio in Monterrey Mexico, since then she decided to dedicate her life to share her passion for yoga & healing throughout America, Europe & Asia.

During this journey she had the pleasure to share knowledge and energy with fantastic people from different disciplines, such as: Chamanic Healing, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Rocket, Yin, Mandala &Tripsichore Yoga.

I humbly give thanks to: Jose Luis Gleeson: for being the inspiration to follow this wonderful path.

Larry Schultz: for showing me that Yoga is loose and magic and for making me believe that I am stronger than I thought I was. Jamie Clarke: for making the dream alive, while holding my hand walking this path.Paul & Susan Grilley: for opening my eyes to different disciplines and for widening my view to accept and adapt different doctrines into my teaching.

Shiva Rea: for helping me connect with my feminine Inner Guru and getting me out of the box of linear movement.
Edward Clark: for inspiring me to strive for excellence in the art of vinyasa.

All Students, fellow Yogis, everybody: for being a mirror of all the unsolved things in my soul. For being an inspiration to keep teaching and to do what I love.”

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