Dulce Aguilar
Dulce AguilarFounder The Yoga People

Since her encounter with Yoga, Dulce Aguilar began a journey of re-connection with her true self...

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Jamie Clarke
Jamie ClarkeFounder The Yoga People

Jamie found his journey into yoga, while living in San Francisco in 2001. In almost a magical twist of..

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Course Managers

Laura Alejandra Garcia
Laura Alejandra GarciaCourse Manager

Laura is a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Her journey started back in 2009 in Mexico when she took her first yoga class and..

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200-Hour Foundation Training Assistant Teachers

Mahalia Pellett
Mahalia Pellett200-Hour Foundation Training Assistant Teacher

Yoga has been a part of Maz’s life for about ten years. She qualified as a yoga teacher in September 2013, after completing..

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    John Sutton
    John Sutton200-Hour Foundation Training Assistant Teacher

    John was introduced to yoga by his Danish wife Pia in February 2002. “ day she dragged me into a class at our local health club and I’ve been lost to it ever since...”

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      200-Hour Foundation Training Collaborators:

      Lizaan Joubert-Jacobs
      Lizaan Joubert-Jacobs200-Hour Advanced Training Collaborator

      Yoga has become part of Liz’s life since 2011. She was certified through..

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        Marcus Veda
        Marcus Veda200-Hour Advanced Training Collaborator

        Marcus’ road to yoga was not a conventional one. Fresh out of Uni, he managed to use his degree..

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          300-Hour Advanced Training Collaborators:

          Duncan Wong
          Duncan Wong300-Hour Advanced Training Collaborator

            Special Guest Teachers:

            Allan Pimentel
            Allan PimentelSpecial Guest Teacher

            Allan Pimentel Is Deputy Director at The Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education...

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              Lois Pimentel
              Lois PimentelSpecial Guest Teacher

              Lois Pimentel is a skilled and insightful psycho-therapist and healer (NFSH qualified)...

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