How do I become a Yoga Instructor?

Ok, it’s done. You have decided you love Yoga so much that you need to share “The Love” with everybody. Before spreading this desire, we suggest that you materialize your intention from a grounded place and be sure to enroll on a course that’s right for you. You should also make sure your journey is supported appropriately.

“The Path to becoming a 200-hours Registered Yoga Teacher”

Movement or stillness? This is the first question you need to ask yourself, as it will send you to either an Ashtanga or a Hatha Yoga discipline. Please be aware that both doctrines use similar postures, but their approach and tempo will de different. After reading the information below, we suggest that you experience as many classes as you can in your chosen style, or perhaps try both styles if you’re not sure what’s right for you. It’s of value to try the style that may not appeal to you at first, as there can be hidden elements that may surprise you and you may want to incorporate these into your teaching or personal practice.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga was brought to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. If you attend an Ashtanga class, you will be led nonstop through one or more of the Ashtanga series, while being encouraged to use breathe to take you through the postures. This practice is typically fast-paced, vigorous and physically challenging.

There are six series in total, increasing in difficulty as you move from the primary series onwards. The first 100 hours of The Yoga People Foundation 200-Hour Teacher Trainings take you through an introduction to the First Series of Ashtanga Yoga. Many of the great teachers of modern day Vinyasa yoga have come from this tradition.

The second part of our 200-Hour Teacher Training is based on Vinyasa flow and has been inspired by Rocket Yoga, as taught by Larry Schultz.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a generic term used to refer to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures. Most yoga classes taught in the West are fundamentally Hatha Yoga. When a class is marketed as “Hatha”, it generally means that you will be taken through a gentle introduction of the more basic yoga postures. Poses are not necessarily linked with breath and movement. You probably won’t work up a sweat in a hatha yoga class, but you should leave the class feeling relaxed, longer and more limber.

The Yoga People do not offer Hatha Trainings specifically, but we do offer other variations of more static disciplines, such as Yin Yoga. Please take a look at this video to see an example:

If you decide to enroll on our 100-Hour Yin Yoga Course, you will still be required to complete 100 hours of Ashtanga Vinyasa Foundation in order to start teaching and living the Yoga dream. This combination will certify you as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Instructor in Ashtanga & Yin Yoga.
The suggested order of the program is:

• 100 Hours of Ashtanga

• 100 Hours of Yin

Once you have decided on the route that’s right for you, the next step is to choose a school. We suggest you do some research and spend some time getting feedback from other yogi’s. It’s important to get a feel for the following aspects:

  • How much time are you are willing to allocate? Officially you need 200 hours to gain a certification, but the more time you invest in your skills the more you will learn and embrace your potential.
  • How much time does the school offer you? In theory, you need 180 contact hours and 20 non-contact hours if the school is a registered Yoga Alliance institution. The Yoga People courses offer free and discounted weekly classes in London alongside the 200-hour training, so you can gain extra practice at your convenience.
  • Intensive or Modular? Why not both! You have the option to mix programs and locations with The Yoga People. Example: take 100 hours in Goa on the intensive program and the remaining 100 hours can be taken in London on weekends.
  • Who will inspire you? We believe that inspiration comes from within and Jamie and Dulce will assist you in the process. Join a school that honours and respects traditions, but also encourages freedom, individuality and creativity.
  • How will the process of training be? Challenging, rewarding, life-changing. A strong yoga community ensures you carry and support each other during the “student-teacher” metamorphosis. The Yoga People are a growing family of over 350 yoga instructors, who keep in touch through regular events and TYP teaching initiatives. Join our family and make your experience magic!
  • What is the process after training? After the course you may feel in a vacuum, but the knowledge and skills gained during the training will produce natural opportunities in a world hungry for yoga. We have hundreds of graduates who are already teaching and they happily provide support to new teachers. The Yoga People also offer free and unique Mentorship events to anyone who has completed a TYP course. In addition, we offer support through The TYP Assistant Program, which helps new teachers to get hands on and refine in their skills. After all, our main intention is to send high-quality teachers out into the Yoga Community.

The Practical Stuff:

  • Ideally enroll with a school that is registered with Yoga Alliance (an international credentialing organization for the yoga community – like the FIFA of Yoga). This will ensure your teaching qualification is recognized worldwide and may help you get better rates for Yoga Insurance. The Yoga People registration number with Yoga Alliance US is: 77740
  • Investigate and try to set up a meeting with the teachers on the course. Take a look at online video’s, talk to past students, and, if possible, have a personal meeting or Skype call with the teachers. Jamie and Dulce can be reached at:
    • Skype: theyogapeople

      Phone: +44 (0)7849 465 031


The Energetic Stuff:

Be prepared for your leap of faith. Follow these recommendations with a conscious mind, then open your heart and follow the voice of your Inner Guru. We look forward to being part of your journey.

The Yoga People