Jamie Clarke - Founder The Yoga People

Jamie found his journey into yoga, while living in San Francisco in 2001. In almost a magical twist of serendipity, he collided with his yoga path just as he was struggling to get over the sudden death of his mum. Since then yoga has become his journey, his medicine, and the portal that allows him to visit a very peaceful place inside himself. He is blessed that he can now help others to find their serenity within themselves.

Over the years he has been fortunate to experience many disciplines of yoga which has influenced his teaching, most notably with Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa, Yin, Jivamukti and Mandala. He has been honored to learn from the magical and experienced, as well as the very students and companions that enrich his life and keep him more “awake”.
Jamie would like to acknowledge his dear guru & friend Larry Shultz who took him in and gave him a yoga world that he never dreamed existed. Larry taught him new ways to develop energy and lightness of being, lifting him beyond just the routines to marvelous new heights in the practice. Larry’s philosophy’s and style have been most influential in how Jamie teaches today.

Jamie would also like to honour the teachings of Paul and Suzee Grilley, who taught him depth, patience and stillness with the beautiful and complementary approach of Yin. Their approach has been fundamental in his growing practice of meditation. Also to David Life who through the artistic creativity of Jivamukti opened his eyes to a broader range of possibilities of teaching with expression.
And, lastly and most importantly to Dulce who gave him real purpose and direction, and the very inspiration to create something special between them and truly transformational for their students.

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