Kate Henley - Guest teacher at The Yoga People

Kate Henley is an experienced practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and practices acupuncture at two GP practices in her local area in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Kate re-trained in acupuncture twenty years ago after she had a positive experience receiving acupuncture herself. She sought help for insomnia after her mother died and was very taken with the positive effects of the therapy. She found that she not only slept better, but had a sense of calm that she had not experienced before.

After talking to her practitioner, she gave up her job and started the course. The training is not for the faint hearted: a 3-year full-time BSc degree, which she undertook at the University of Westminster. This involved a very in-depth look at the Chinese system of healing, notably the meridian theory, the yin/yang theory and the study of the five elements. It involved a long training in the student clinic with patients and also a detailed look at western physiology, pathology and pharmacology. Kate also managed to start and complete her family while doing the course.

She now has 3 children and has juggled family life with her practice. She specializes in women’s health and in the last couple of years has set up and run a pregnancy and fertility clinic at two local hospitals. This was a busy and successful service and much appreciated by patients. Kate now runs her private practice 3 days a week and also supervises other acupuncturists in their work. She is a keen teacher and takes part in supporting many courses that suit well with her discipline. She is also passionate about yin yoga and has recently enjoyed teaching alongside her brother and sister in law for The Yoga People.

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