Lizaan Joubert-Jacobs - 200-Hour Advanced Training Collaborator

Yoga has become part of Liz’s life since 2011. She was certified through The Yoga People in late September of 2012. Liz’s background has been sports, more specifically tennis most of her life. She has always been drawn to coaching and teachings, and would tell you most of the change came through her readings by Dr. Wayne W.Dyer & Buddhism. Doing Yoga was always part of the journey to live life holistically and with a greater sense of purpose & intention. Trying out various paths, and yes Bikram being one of them, she quit her job, lived in Asia early 2012, left her beautiful home country South Africa for London Town, and Yoga took its natural course as part of Liz’s life. Now she will tell you it’s her full time job, hobby, way of living and laughing.

Ashtanga Vinyasa was a natural progression as a foundation course and she also completed the 100hr Advanced Rocket Training with her Teachers, Jamie Clarke &Dulce Aguilar (The Yoga People). Liz is currently studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to further her knowledge and intentions to grow herself as she works alongside the 200hr Teacher Training programmes she assists on throughout the year with The Yoga People.

Liz will tell you that her teachings are always inspired by her approach as being a student of the practice, and constantly learning from teachers, and schools of thought that allow for growth, healing & a true sense of self. Teacher Inspirations: Jamie Clarke, Dulce Aguilar, Mark Kan, Stuart Gilchrist, Shiva Rae, Richard Freeman & all the Students of Yoga.

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