The Yoga People Presents: Rocket- an Anahata Explosion with Jamie Clarke, Dulce Aguilar, Mark Englad, Maria'kame, David Pearce, Hannah Whittingham, Helen Russell-Clark & Jonelle Lewis.

  • Dates: 21st - 27th July 2018
  • Check in: from 5:00pm on the 21st of July
  • Check out: 27th July 2017 after breakfast
  • Regular Price from £1100 GBP all Inclusive
  • Early Bird from £950 GBP all Inclusive - applies until the 12th April 2018
  • Certification: 50 hours towards TYP 500 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program
  • Venue: Earth Spirit Centre - Glastonbury

Everything starts and ends in the present, at that moment when Anahata hears the call. Join our physical selves in a backbend immersion of Rocket 2 – a magical second series rendition as created by Guru Larry Schultz. This vinyasa experience will massage the energy of the heart sending energy up to the throat, where the bridge of body and mind resides.
Crossing this gate we will activate our mind with the intention of a clear communication. Mark England will be our guide for daily sessions of conscious language to achieve integrity and the truth in our lives.
Rediscovering profound internal trust, our Inner Guru will put us back on our mat with Larry’s vision of Rocket 3, a routine that mixes not only R1, R2 but also brings back classic moments of Sri Pattabhi’s Primary Series, with the Kurmasana family.
So yes you got it, it’s a journey from the heart to the sky. Expect also dances, mantras a couple of sweat lodges "Temazcal" guided by the unique Maria “Spectral Moon”, this will seal the integration on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that makes our current existence.
See you in the heart center of the world, Glastonbury.

The design of this training has been done with healing as a focus. We know how powerful the practice of strong Vinyasa is but before that we believe in the power of intention, so it will be appropriate if your intention of enrolling into this program is to re-connect to a more authentic version of yourself!

This course brings up the things that we love the most:

  • Healing through Ashtanga Vinyasa - Rocket.
  • Healing through awareness of mind.
  • Healing through self responsibility.
  • Healing by being part of a supportive community.
  • Healing by dancing, chanting and connecting with the Elements through the Sacred Temazcalli.

The Yoga People met Larry a long time ago. Back in 2001 he changed Jamie’s life, his practice and lifestyle. Dulce came along in 2008 when Larry introduced her to Jamie by saying “you guys should work together”.
What we want to transmit from Larry is not only the power of his creative modification of Patabbhi’s Ashtanga system, but also his sense of magic, of welcoming, of inclusiveness, and gratefulness to be alive, his sense of honoring everybody’s will regardless of the outcome. Just like he used to say: “everybody gets to do what they want to do”.

What to expect from this program?

  • Your body will feel fulfilled, as the asana will be make you stronger than you think you are.
  • Your mind will be moved, as you will realize that being attached to the outcome of a desire can only create chaos and suffering! We will take an approach of self-responsibility & awareness where you will realize that you create your karma and destiny but also your luck – it all depends on your perspective.
  • Your soul will find a break, surrounded by a safe environment where the goal is to achieve a sense of peace and detachment, a place where you can relax, breath and go with the flow.
  • The sweat lodge will open the ancestral lines, helping us see deeper shadows, this recognition will be consciously protected with the honouring of the Elements.
  • You will reconsider if you want to carry the stories and scripts that have formed you. Please know that the intention is not to drop and forget them. The goal is to change the perspective and emotions behind them, making an empowering story that helps our present and future.
  • The full program will be provided upon registration, you just have to relax and believe that we have planned this with our hearts and internal voices contemplating on the greater good for the greater number. Trust and join us for this one-time experience with your heart.

Earth Spirit Centre

Just five miles from Glastonbury, on the edge of Compton Dundon village in Somerset, EarthSpirit lies within the ‘temenos’ (sacred enclosure) of Avalon.
The centre is situated in a beautiful landscape next to two nature reserves; and just two minutes walk from St Andrew’s church, which has within its cemetery a yew tree over 1,700 years old. The seventeenth century farm buildings have been restored and specially converted for use as a venue. They are set within seven acres of fields and gardens.
The complex is based around a converted 52’ (15.5m) long barn, with oak timbers, reed torching (lining the inside of the roof) and stone walls. The feeling is medieval, but with modern comforts such as under-floor heating and a large woodstove. The high roof and skylights create a light, airy atmosphere.

The prices below are all based on double occupancy, if you wish to book a single room a fee of £200 extra applies.

Early Bird Rates (applies until the 12/April/2018) includes tuition, food, accommodation, sauna hot tub & two temazcallis.

  • Attached bathroom £1200 GBP all inclusive.
  • Shared bathroom £1100 GBP all inclusive.
  • Camping £950 GBP all inclusive.

Regular Prices

  • Attached bathroom £1350 GBP all inclusive.
  • Shared bathroom £1250 GBP all inclusive.
  • Camping £1100 GBP all inclusive.

- Early Bird -

Save £150 applies 12/April/2018

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A Rocket Glastonbury Day

  • 7:00 - 7:30 Meditation with Jamie & Dulce
  • 7:30 - 9:30 Rocket with Jamie & Dulce
  • 11:00 - 12:30 Workshop with Jamie, David, Hannah, Helen & Jonelle
  • 2:00 - 4:00 Procabulary with Mark England
  • 4:00 - 5:00 Rocket ABC with Jamie & Dulce
  • 5:00 - 6:30 Rocket with Dulce, David, Hannah, Helen & Jonelle
  • 8:00 - 9:00 Temazcal / Dances & Chants with Maria'Kame
  • Jamie Clarke & Dulce Aguilar
    Mark England
    David Pearce
    Hannah Whittingham
    Helen Russell-Clark
    Jonelle Lewis

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