Lisa Thompson

What Lisa has to say:
“The structure is right and I feel at exactly the right pace. Initially you may feel it is a little bit overwhelming but once you get into it, it all makes perfect sense”. Lisa

Testimonial Lisa Thompson - Yoga Teacher Training London with TYP

Already an Iyengar teacher, looking for an injection of inspiration, she talks about her experience with The Yoga People in Goa.

Alexander Maxwell

What Alexander has to say:
“It was clear how it all fitted together, because of the foundations you lay. Relating that to my teaching I got this firm, strong based knowledge that I can formulate my classes from”.. Alex

Testimonial Alex Gladwell - Yoga Teacher Training London with TYP

Alongside a varied media career Alex has had a career in wellbeing. He chose Ashtanga as the physically dynamic nature of this type of yoga is the direction he would like to go – it is personally challenging with room for him to achieve and grow.

Aafke Remant

What Aafke has to say:
“This experience t has been much more than I expected”.

Testimonial Aafke Remant - Yoga Teacher Training London with TYP

A London Yoga Teacher Graduate from the London Modular Course.

Andrew Thomas

What Andrew has to say:
“The Yoga People provide a happy medium, is very enjoyable but at the same time is very knowledgeable and structure, once you finish you’ll know your stuff, you’ll be confident enough to teach to others”. Andrew

Testimonial Andrew Thomas - Yoga Teacher Training Goa, India with TYP
From a suit to a yoga mat.

Slavka and Berta

What Berta has to say:
Very fun people, you feel totally relaxed. The course was very intensive, but we never felt intense”. Berta

Testimonial Slavka and Berta - Yoga Teacher Training Goa, India with TYP

Lovely yoginis in search of a dream.