The Yoga People   Yoga Teacher Training Programs

“The structure is right and I feel at exactly the right pace. Initially you may feel it is a little bit overwhelming but once you get into it, it all makes perfect sense”.

Lisa Thompson

Already an Iyengar teacher, looking for an injection of inspiration, she talks about her experience with The Yoga People in Goa.

The Yoga People   Yoga Teacher Training Programs

“It was clear how it all fitted together, because of the foundations you lay. Relating that to my teaching I got this firm, strong based knowledge that I can formulate my classes from”.

Alexander Maxwell

Alongside a varied media career Alex has had a career in wellbeing. He chose Ashtanga as the physically dynamic nature of this type of yoga is the direction he would like to go – it is personally challenging with room for him to achieve and grow.

The Yoga People   Yoga Teacher Training Programs

“The Yoga People provide a happy medium, is very enjoyable but at the same time is very knowledgeable and structure, once you finish you’ll know your stuff, you’ll be confident enough to teach to others”.

Andrew Thomas

From a suit to a yoga mat.

The Yoga People   Yoga Teacher Training Programs

“Very fun people, you feel totally relaxed. The course was very intensive, but we never felt intense”.

Slavka and Berta

Lovely yoginis in search of a dream.

Juan Montoliu - The Yoga People

“For me it has been much more than a teacher training, it has been a life-changing experience.”

Juan Montoliu
Sep 05, 2016

Joe Adams - The Yoga People

“This is a fully immersive and comprehensive course. I expected to learn Ashtanga Primary Series with some Rocket flavoring. I expected deep level learning of these practices, how to do them, and how to teach them. In actual fact I learnt all of that, but so much more. A course of physical learning enriched with philosophical and spiritual (mind-stuff) teachings, along with learning some history and lineage, all at a practical level structured to suit the level of students. In reality in 200 hours you can only start to scratch the surface past the physical, but before I didn’t know there was a surface to scratch…! Thank you Yoga People.”

Joe Adams
Aug 12, 2016

Gaya Gallo - The Yoga People

“Trust the passionate teaching of Jamie and Dulce and you won’t be disappointed. The training is structured in such a clever way that it delivers all the tools necessary for teaching covering all the aspects from physical to spiritual and philosophical as well as at the same time working on your inner development.”

Gaya Irma Gallo
Feb 17, 2016

Ana Dias - The Yoga People

“Training with The Yoga People was an absolute pleasure and eye opening experience! As teachers they really complement each other and they are very passionate about what they teach. They inspire you not only to absorb what they give you but they really awakened my curiosity to look further in the many subjects of yoga. They are caring and full of knowledge and they don’t let their students slack – you have to put your work and energy into it! Their teachings have a great emphasis in evaluating each student individually and not one rule fits all which I found particularly important. I am forever grateful for the experience and all the love from the entire team and look forward for the next adventure together.”

Ana Dias
Jan 07, 2016

David Pearce - The Yoga People

“I cannot praise highly enough the amazing Jamie and Dulce, and the whole of The Yoga People family for their Ashtanga Vinyasa 200 hour London teacher training. The knowledge, experience, and passion they have for yoga is evident from the outset, and only becomes more apparent with the progression of the course as they share this with you and help you develop it within yourself. They’ve taken the time to structure and timetable every weekend intelligently and practically, and whilst it is demanding both mentally and physically, it’s unquestionably hugely enjoyable. They guide you not only through the aspects of the yoga practice and theory, but also through content that allows self analysis and reflection, should you feel open to some self-exploration. Everyone is super friendly and has your best intentions at heart, and they do what they can to help ensure you realize your full potential. I would highly recommend TYP to anyone, if not to become a teacher or help improve their practice, then to experience the genuine pleasure that is Jamie and Dulce and The Yoga People.”

David Pearce
Dec 18, 2015

William Falla - The Yoga People

“I found the instructors at The Yoga People to have warm hearts and cool heads. What I mean to say that they were always present and open to listen to and adapt their instruction and teaching method to meet the needs of the students. All the while never loosing their cool and staying centered.”

William Falla
Dec 11, 2015

Jeff Grant - The Yoga People

“Outstanding 300-hour Advanced YTT from The Yoga People. Jamie and Dulce offer a unique and powerful blend of backgrounds, skills and teaching approaches. They are motivated and skilled at getting the most from you, pushing you to grow, but also allowing freedom to explore and enjoy the journey. It was indeed a challenging training, but also fun. As a student, you feel that you are closely connected to their lineage of teachers and are benefiting from a variety of key approaches brought together in a harmonious manner. The program content is well designed and their teaching not only transformed my asana practice, but also elevated my teaching skills to another level.”

Jeff Grant
Oct 01, 2015

Josh Mu - The Yoga People

“The Yoga People have a truly comprehensive teacher training program. I am left feeling confident and full of knowledge, I can comfortably go out in to the world and pass on the teachings of yoga. It has been a humbling experience to have had the opportunity to be taught by such knowledgeable instructors who truly love what they do and are continually exploring the depths of what yoga has to offer.”

Joshua Mu
Jul 19, 2015

Colby Hanks - The Yoga People

“I couldn’t be more grateful for this team of instructors and the WIDE extent of knowledge they share with their students. I will be referring back to my notes for years and years to come, with greatest gratitude!”

Colby Hanks
Apr 30, 2015

Frankie Moore - The Yoga People

“Training with the Yoga People was extremely professional, hard work but still so much fun. The journey I experienced with them was incredible and life changing and I look forward to training with them again in the future. Thank you guys.”

Francesca Moore
Apr 13, 2015

Emily Mergaert - The Yoga People

“This school and training was great. It was life changing and their teaching skills were really exceptional. It was structured, organized inspiring and I will be heading back for another training for sure. Jamie and Dulce are fantastic people and teachers and it’s no wonder their school is so successful.”

Emily Mergaert
Apr 07, 2015

Annie Au - The Yoga People

“The Yoga People is a professional school with loving and compassionate teachers. It’s a great environment to deepen your own practice as well to enhance your teaching skills. Highly recommended!”

Annie Au
Feb 02, 2015

Ashley Kenerson - The Yoga People

“I have already recommended this training to many of my friends. This was one of the most transformational experiences of my lives. The entire TYP community is exceptional and I am proud to join the ranks. I look forward to additional trainings with TYP.”

Ashley Kenerson
Feb 01, 2015

Olga Kiwan - The Yoga People

“Being on the training with The Yoga People was a life changing experience, very professional and informative but at the same time we had fun, a lot of good moments to remember… Guess what we had a wedding! :)no joking:))hello to my yogis!!!! xo.”

Olga Kiwan
Jan 18, 2015

Roger Andrews - The Yoga People

“The Yoga People is an empowering team of yoga teachers, branching out across the world. They’ve taken my practice to totally new heights; deepened my understanding of yoga’s 8 limbs; and prepared me well to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket. The community of teachers they have taught provides a powerful base on which to draw when starting out as a teacher. I love them to pieces and highly recommend them to anyone on their teaching journey.”

Roger Andrews
Dec 15, 2014

Russelle Beardon - The Yoga People

“Every minute is planned, Jamie and Dulce are super prepared, they live and breathe yoga, not just asana! An Intentionally sequenced syllabus ensures the journey builds, the knowledge builds! The Yoga People use a range of different learning modalities eg video, group and paired work, practice techniques, creating sequences, discussion groups, exploration karma was amazing! Chakra theory anatomy, meridians…direct feedback, respectful critique, tools for analysis of tension versus chores sin!! Amazing, useful applicable…a delicious smorgasbord!”

Russelle Beardon
Oct 24, 2014

Molly Griffin - The Yoga People

“My teachers were very thorough and informative with their trainings, it was much harder than other schools I have seen which was good for me to train and work my hardest to become capable in the end. I felt my teachers really cared about us students working as hard as possible and becoming the best we could and really cared about us throughout the training, very worth the money and will keep training with this school to earn my 500 RYT in time.”

Molly Griffin
Jul 10, 2014

Hannah Whittingham - The Yoga People

“I was incredibly impressed with all aspects of this training. Jamie and Dulce teach from such a huge bank of personal knowledge; they are humble to their own teachers, inspiring in their practice, and they teach accurately, engagingly and from the heart. Big thumbs up.”

Hannah Whittingham
Apr 11, 2014

Dan Breakwell - The Yoga People

“The Yoga People 200 hr. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training was everything I could have anticipated and more. The teachers and the teaching assistants were fully committed to getting the best out of every student, providing the perfect balance of discipline & loving Yogi Community for the whole month. I fully recommend anyone who’s debating doing the teacher training with The Yoga People to just bite the bullet and go for it! You couldn’t ask for a better all round training in every aspect of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.”

Daniel Breakwell
Apr 04, 2014

Felicity Wright- The Yoga People

“Jamie and Dulce really care about their students and the community they have created in such a short time shows how successful their training school is.”

Felicity Wright
Apr 03, 2014