Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Certification: 100 hours Yin Yoga & Chakras, applies to TYP 500 Hour Teacher Training Program.
Teachers: Jamie & Dulce Clarke,  Allan & Lois Pimentel & Kate Henley.

Teaching dates:
  • Friday 8th September 9:15 - 12:15 & 2:30 - 5:30 @ The Light Centre Monument
  • Saturday 9th September 9:00 - 7:00 @ The Light Centre Monument
  • Sunday 10th September 9:00 - 7:00 @ The Light Centre Monument
  • Monday 11th September 9:00 - 7:00 @ Seven Dials Covent Garden
  • Tuesday 12th September 9:00 - 7:00 @ Seven Dials Covent Garden
  • Wednesday 13th September 9:00 - 7:00 @ Seven Dials Covent Garden
  • Thursday 14th September 9:00 - 7:00 @ Seven Dials Covent Garden
  • Friday 15th September 9:15 - 12:15 & 2:30 - 5:30 - The Light Center Monument
  • Saturday 16th September 9:00 - 7:00 @ The Light Centre Monument
  • Sunday 17th September 9:00 - 7:00 @ The Light Centre Monument

  • Regular price £1600
  • Early bird price is £1300, registering before June 12th 2017.
Bookings: Click here to fill out your Application Form.

The intention behind this training is to create a journey of introspection through Yin Yoga, Anatomy, Chakra Practices & Meditation techniques.

  • Yin Yoga

The Yin practices & techniques are based on traditional Tantric and Taoist philosophies, and will follow a functional approach of target area methodology as taught by pioneers Paul & Suzee Grilley. The Yin Yoga will manifest a deep self-knowledge of our bodies, approaching all the movements and their internal responses from a place of intention, observation and wisdom. Each Yin routine will create a more insightful and introspective journey of our asana practice, building towards meditative disciplines. We will cultivate & integrate aspects of our physical, astral and causal bodies into the present moment.

  • Anatomy

During lectures we will take an insightful analysis to the mechanics of the human body. We will compare and contrast different bone structures and how these can affect the alignment and the aesthetics of a particular asana.

The journey will progress from bones and muscles into meridians & chakras, where yogis will learn to activate or heal any energy center or channel by muscular stimulation, as well as the other way around.

  • Chakra Practices
  • Meditation Techniques

The intention of these essential practices will be to develop an awareness of a students internal Chi and to develop the appropriate sensitivity in order to guide this energy into the spine. We will integrate progressive pranayama, bandha exercises, and contemplation methods, within these practices we will use a process of visualization, Yin & Yang pranayama, mantra and sound techniques, which will integrate seamlessly into our Chakra studies.

A Typical Day

  • 9:00am – 9:30am           Meditation
  • 9:30am – 12:00pm         Yin Yoga Practice
  • 1:00pm -- 2:30pm           Anatomy / Lecture
  • 2:30pm – 4:30pm           Chakra Activation 
  • 4:30pm -- 6:00pm           Evening Practice / Meditation

Jamie Clarke Yoga

Jamie has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga since 2002. He began teaching teachers in 2003 and has been has been hosting Teacher Trainings since 2010. He is a co-founder & director of TYP and a  E-RYT 500 registered Yoga Teacher. He has completed advanced trainings in Ashtanga Vinyasa (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois), Rocket Yoga with Larry Shultz, Tripsichore Yoga with Edward Clark, and Yin Yoga, Chakra Meditation & Anatomy with Paul and Suzee Grilley. His teachings take an integrated Yin and Yang approach with particular interests in Transpersonal Psychology and Meditation.
Lois Pimentel
Lois Pimentel is a skilled and insightful psychotherapist and healer (NFSH qualified), with over 28 years of experience. Lois is certified in EMDR and EFT and has led courses on the chakra system for many years. She holds diplomas in psychotherapy (UKCP registered), NLP, Ericsonian hypnotherapy and Feng Shui. She has also travelled extensively, where she has studied past life regression with Roger Wooler and Shamanism. Lois has been an invaluable influence on The Yoga People and our teachings and we are delighted to welcome her as a guest teacher on this course.

Allan Pimentel Is Deputy Director of The Centre for Counseling and Psychotherapy Education where he lectures and runs a full time therapy practice.He is also the course tutor for the Foundation year and second year tutor on the Diploma course. Allan has practiced as a psychotherapist for 28 years and specialises in working with couples, depression, and the search for meaning in ones life. Also serious mental disturbance. Currently he is lecturing a number of psychological issues, such as Transactional Analysis , TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY, Jungian Psychology, Existential Therapy, TheTreatment of Mental Disturbance and Personal Typology. He also lectures with his wife Lois. Allan an be reached on his mobile 07717326802 email allanjazz88@googlemail.com
Kate Henley
Kate Henley qualified from the University of Westminster with a BSc in Acupuncture and has been in practice since 1997. More recently she has qualified as a Supervisor. She runs two acupuncture clinics: one in the GP surgery at Whitwell near Hitchin and the other at The Village Surgery, Harpenden (having previously been at Somacare Ostepathic Clinic and at Breathing Space, Harpenden). She is a full member of the British Acupunture Council, the registering body for professional acupuncturists. She is also Chair of the Acupuncture Childbirth Trust Herts. Part of her training included comprehensive study of Western anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology, enabling Kate to gain a full understanding of Western medical diagnosis. She is an holistic practitioner, using acupuncture, massage and diet assessment as a part of her alternative therapy treatment. Kate provides acupuncture for all conditions, however specialises in the area of women’s health, working closely with local midwives and health professionals.

Venue information: Seven Dials & The Light Centre

Seven Dials Club - 42 Earlham Street, London WC2H 9LA

Seven Dials Club is a historical, all-purpose space in the heart of Covent Garden, Central London. The venue is an initiative of The Covent Garden Community Centre and all proceeds from room hire go towards supporting the local community.

The venue is easily reached by public transport - the closest tube stations are Covent Garden (Piccadilly Line, 5 minute walk), Leicester Square (Piccadilly and Northern Lines, 5 minute walk) and Tottenham Court Road (Northern and Central Lines, 5-10 minute walk). The area is abundant with shops, café’s, restaurants and local supermarkets (Marks & Spencer and Tesco Express). All amenities you could wish for are within a 5-minute walk.

For this venue, please bring your full yoga gear.

The Light Centre Monument

LCM Its situated at 36 St Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8DU, UK

The Light Centre is a beautiful space in the heart of The City where you can find peace and calm right in the middle of our beloved & fast-paced London. The studio is bright, spacious and transmits a sense of tranquility & harmony in every corner. The staff are lovely and helpful.

We are sure you will be able to enjoy your practice and yoga studies in this space. There is no need to bring anything as you will find everything you need to prepare for your practice and after-practice such as mats, bolsters, blocks, private changing rooms & showers.

There is also a little cafe called Crussh just next to reception where you can find a variety of healthy snacks and delicious juices & smoothies.

Yin Yoga London Teacher TrainingPayment
  • Regular price of £1600
  • Early bird price is £1300, registering before June 12th 2017.
  • We offer installment plan choices to suit your needs. An administration fee of £100.00 is charged for this service.
What is included in the price
  • Tuition
  • Yoga Alliance Certification
What is not included in the price
  • Yoga Alliance registration fee
  • Yoga Insurance
How to book your place?
  • Click here to APPLY TODAY!
  • Upon acceptance a 650.00 GBP registration fee will be required to reserve your place on the training.

Energetic Schedule

  • The False Self & the Real Self
  • Muladhara - What do we want to manifest?
  • Swadhistana - The Alchemical Marriage & Codependence
  • Manipura - The Masculine Principle and Power
  • Anahata - The 5 Languages of Love
  • Vishuddi - How we speak to one another? Transactional Analysis
  • Ajna - Clearing the Judgment
  • Sahasrara - Bringing the Light
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course London

Upon acceptance a 650.00 GBP registration fee will be required

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