"Yin Yoga, the journey from Anatomy to Meditation"

The intention behind this training is to create a journey of introspections through Yin Yoga, Anatomy, Chakra Awareness and Meditation Techniques.

  • Certification: 50 hours towards The Yoga People & Hot Yoga Naperville / Yoga Alliance Certifications
  • Venue: Hot Yoga Naperville, 400 South Main Street - 2nd Floor, Naperville, IL, 60540
  • Dates: 11 - 17 June 2018

  • Investment:
    • Regular Price: $900 USD
    • Early bird: $810 USD applies until 12/April/2018. Also an additional $90 discount for the first 5 students.
    • Non refundable deposit: $350 to guarantee a place on the course. Full payment is required on month before the start date
    • Includes Tuition, Materials & Yoga Alliance Certification

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The intention behind this training is to create a journey of introspection through Yin Yoga, Anatomy & Meditation Techniques.

  • Yin Yoga

The Yin practices & techniques are based on traditional Tantric and Taoist philosophies, and will follow a functional approach of target area methodology as taught by pioneers Paul & Suzee Grilley. The Yin Yoga will manifest a deep self-knowledge of our bodies, approaching all the movements and their internal responses from a place of intention, observation and wisdom. Each Yin routine will create a more insightful and introspective journey of our asana practice, building towards meditative disciplines. We will cultivate & integrate aspects of our physical, astral and causal bodies into the present moment.

  • Anatomy

During lectures we will take an insightful analysis to the mechanics of the human body. We will compare and contrast different bone structures and how these can affect the alignment and the aesthetics of a particular asana.

The journey will progress from bones and muscles into meridians & chakras, where yogis will learn to activate or heal any energy center or channel by muscular stimulation, as well as the other way around.

  • Meditation Techniques

The intention of these essential practices will be to develop an awareness of a students internal Chi and to develop the appropriate sensitivity in order to guide this energy into the spine. We will integrate progressive pranayama, bandha exercises, and contemplation methods, within these practices we will use a process of visualization, Yin & Yang pranayama, mantra and sound techniques, which will integrate seamlessly into our Chakra studies.

A Typical Day

  • 9:00am – 9:30am           Meditation
  • 9:30am – 11:30pm         Yin Yoga Practice
  • 11:30pm -- 1:00pm           Anatomy / Lecture
  • 2:30pm – 4:30pm           Anatomy / Lecture 
  • 4:30pm -- 6:00pm           Evening Practice / Meditation

Jamie Clarke Yoga
Jamie Clarke has been a student, teacher and scholar of Yoga since 2001 and is particularly inspired by Yoga as a process of therapy, personal development and spiritual growth.
Jamie is a E-RYT 500 teacher and has been directly trained by yoga masters, Larry Shultz- Ashtanga Vinyasa & Rocket, Lino Miele- Traditional Ashtanga, Paul Grilley- Yin Yoga and Edward Clark- Tripsichore.
Jamie´s asana practice and teaching style is drawn predominantly from these disciplines, and takes further inspiration from his special interest in yoga anatomy and how it inextricably influences the functional approach to teaching and practicing asana. His own practice and teaching is further rooted in a deep interest all meditation techniques, in particular ancient Tantric Chakra meditation and Buddhist Vipassana practices.
Other teaching influences have come from trainings with masters Richard Freeman, Shiva Rae, David Swenson in Ashtanga and Vinyasa disciplines, David Life in Jivamukti Yoga and Max Strom in breath work. Jamie also works closely with his teacher and training colleague Duncan Wong, and draws inspiration and influence from the martial art techniques of Yogic Arts.
Jamie has 8 years training in transpersonal psychotherapy and has worked closely with experienced masters Lois and Alan Pimentel of London in the related fields of psychology, ancient and contemporary since 2008.
He has always been interested in lineage and ancestry and has worked on repeated intensives with Jill Purce in family constellations and overtone chanting.
His philosophical interests have been nourished with progressive studies in Yogic History (Buddhist and Ancient Greek) , Tantra and the Taoist meridian theories of China. He is currently completing a Masters degree in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology at the University of Middlesex, London.
Yin Yoga London Teacher TrainingPayment
  • Regular Price: $900 USD
  • Early bird: $810 USD applies until 12/April/2018. Also an additional $90 discount for the first 5 students.
What is included in the price
  • Tuition
  • Yoga Alliance Certification
What is not included in the price
  • Yoga Alliance registration fee
  • Yoga Insurance
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  • Upon acceptance a $350.00 USD registration fee will be required to reserve your place on the training.

Early Bird

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Our Host

Hot Yoga Naperville is a yoga studio located in the heart of downtown Naperville since 2003.
We will have men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers equipped with amenities.
Hot Yoga Naperville encourages you to try different teachers to experience the breadth of styles Yoga offers, this time they will be the nest for our Yin Yoga Practice.
Conrad Gacki is the creator of HYN we meet him in one of our trainings with Paul Grilley. He has raised three children and is whole family has inspired and motivated each other throughout their unique yoga journeys, how awesome is that! Chief views yoga as a practice that gives a path to movement. He encourages his students to take small steps and just do as much as they can each day.

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