100-Hour Teacher Training

Module 2 - Yin and Astrology

Certified by TYP & Yoga Alliance

Location: Dunes 13, Goa, India
Dates: 17th - 27th March
Day off: 22nd March
Faculty: Jamie Clarke & Omesh Langmann

£250 deposit
£1,400 Early Bird until 2nd December 2023
£1,600 full price
Balance due by 1st February 2024

Accommodation and food not included
Contact Dune 13, Goa, directly via dunes13@rediffmail.com or visit http://dunesgoa.com/

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Tuition and material included.

Upon completion of hours, students will receive a 100-hour certification, which contributes to your Yoga Alliance, registered RYT 500 accreditation.

This magical Yin and Astrology experience, explores how the developmental psychology of the Tantric Chakra model, corresponds to our birth (past), circumstantial (present), and life journey (future) Astrology.

When learning the archetypal nature of the major astrological planets of our solar system and how they influence of spiritual lives, we can learn to see our lives in context, ride more gracefully the inevitable ups and downs and design and utilise this knowledge more skilfully when teaching and sharing a Yin Yoga practice.

In this course students will have private Astrological consultations with co- teacher Omesh Langmann, and then proceed to map their chart onto the developmental Chakra/ Astrology model.

For example:  the root plexus of Muladhara – develops in accordance with our ancestral karma, mother connection/complex, our essential embodiment and the intrinsic relationship with ourselves. ‘Saturn’s energy awakens such unintegrated aspects of the Self, either as essential ingredient in our personal chart or that which is in currently present in our constellation. This course will be looking that these associated planets personally and collectively bringing awareness, integration and individuation to our healing process.

As an essential component to this fascinating theory, will be adjoining the Yin Yoga practice, chakra meditation and breathing techniques and couples & group exercises to complement our journey.


What to expect

  • Extended Yin Yoga practices (themed Astrologically)
  • Chakra Meditation & Awareness practices of the spine
  • Sun & Moon Pranayama Practices
  • Astrological theory, related to Chakra developmental psychology
  • Astrological theory related to balancing our masculine & feminine subtle energy
  • Ecstatic dance & tantric expression exercises to release, balance and harmonise energy that comes up in a group experience

Your teachers

Jamie Clarke; Yin Yoga, Tai Chi Flows, Chakra Meditation, Transpersonal Psychology

Omesh Langmann; Astrology, Chakra Meditation

Please consider the following preparation:
  • Experience and a practice in Yin Yoga; Ideally from the Paul & Suzee Grilley lineage of teachers
  • Some inner-work experience and an orientation towards yogic, healing and therapeutic practices and disciplines
  • TYP’s Live & On-Demand courses (Foundation, Advanced Level & Inner Work Level) are great experiences in preparation for this course.
  • 2 years of yoga as part of some disciplined practice is strongly recommended

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All TYP courses are rooted in the eastern traditions of Yoga, (Patanjali, Hatha, Vedanta & Tantra) as well as having significant influences of Shamanism and western Transpersonal Psychology. This means that a student’s lineage, background, childhood and early life parenting and conditioning can be investigated, as part of course practices and exercises.
All students should consider their physical, emotional and mental condition, before embarking on any course, and should consult a licensed physician if necessary as to their current or previous conditions which could affect their ability to complete any course of study.

Please fill any pre-course application/ information out carefully and accurately, to ensure safety and appropriateness of any live or online training experience.