100-Hour Teacher Training

Module 2 - Yin & Tantra


Balancing Masculine and Feminine

Certified by TYP & Yoga Alliance

Location: Dunes 13, Goa, India
Dates: 19th - 28th March
Day off: 24th March
Faculty: Jamie Clarke & Omesh Friedrich Langmann

£1,450 (£500 deposit).
Early bird until 1st Feb 2023: £1,200.
Payment plans available, please contact TYP to discuss.

Accommodation and food NOT included
Contact Dune 13, Goa, directly via dunes13@rediffmail.com or visit http://dunesgoa.com/

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Tuition and materials included.

Upon completion of hours, students will receive a 100-hour YA & TYP Certificate.

This is a brand new course exploring Yin Yoga and Tantra; deepening a students practice through stillness and dissolving personal and inter-personal constructs and limitations through Tantra (the practice of no practice).

What is Tantra? It is the science and study of energy. A path of liberation whereby it is essentially inclusive of the whole, a saying ‘yes’ to all, guided by the search for our deepest truth. In essence our authentic truth is the goal, liberation is the consequence. Tantra is the concept of having no concept.

Balancing Masculine & Feminine

In this course we take a fascinating look at how our essential masculine and feminine essences have become out of balance and have further dysfunctional impacts into our relationships- primarily the relationship with ourselves, and in our lives as a whole.
As part of this process there will in-depth theory and exercises understanding what and how archetypal energy becomes distorted affecting our human experience. We will also learn the unconscious pitfalls and projections associated with toxic passivity as well as the malignant, invading expressions of these energies.
As part of this process, for our journey we will be working with our energy, endeavouring to bring these essences into focus, balance, harmony and resolution.
Through firm intention, practice and exercises (group and partner-work), we will use “Energy Circulation’ as a tool for the following:

  • Movement towards total self-acceptance
  • Observing when things come up
  • Developing our awareness, when things come up
  • Accessing that awareness to point to that who I am, beyond conditioning
  • Bring clarity and focus to my conditioned responses and the energy within this patterns
  • Work with my energy to where I might allow myself to enjoy myself as I am in that moment.

Our disciplines will include in-depth Yin yoga practices (extending hold times) Daoist & Tai Chi flow sequences and deep chakra meditation sitting. We will be moving energy between us in couples, as a group or alone within the spine. A further highlight to this course will be teachings, partner-work and exercises of Omesh Langmann, (Jamie’s long-term teacher), who will guide our Tantric exploration during this special journey.

Practices & Disciplines

  • Extended-length Yin Yoga (Masculine & Feminine) practices, relating to Chakra and Meridian systems.
  • Taoist & Tai Chi conscious-flow practices to move energetic healing with awareness
  • Applied Anatomy; Skeletal Variation comparisons for anatomical mastery in Yin and Vinyasa Asana 
  • Pranayama and contemporary breath-work disciplines.
  • Inner-work practices of Shadow-work, Transference, Gestalt, Parts & Inner Child Work
  • Tantra, practices and partner work will also be a significant segment of this course.

Your teachers

Jamie Clarke; Yin Yoga, Tai Chi Flows, Chakra Meditation, Transpersonal Psychology

Omesh Langmann; Tantra Philosophy & Practices, Astrology Omesh began his career in 1976, and has carried out extensive training in Meditation, Tantra, Western Psychology, Bodywork, Psychotheraphy and Astrology. He has developed his own style of teaching influenced by his trainings and experiences over the last 37 years.

Please consider the following preparation:
    • Experience and a practice in Yin Yoga; Ideally from the Paul & Suzee Grilley lineage of teachers
    • Some inner-work experience and an orientation towards yogic, healing and therapeutic practices and disciplines
    • TYP’s Live & On-Demand courses (Foundation, Advanced Level & Inner Work Level) are great experiences in preparation for this course.
    • 2 years of yoga as part of some disciplined practice is strongly recommended

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