foundation teacher training 2023

An exploration of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System as a platform to become an insightful Yoga Teacher.

200-hour Foundation

Teacher Training Course

Teacher Training Course Logistics

  • Certified by TYP & Yoga Alliance as part of our RYT 200-hour Program
  • Dates: 8 weekends: 31st March-2nd April / 7th-9th April / 14th-16th April / 21st-23rd April / 5th-7th May / 12th-14th May / 19th-21st May / 26th-28th May 2023
  • Times: Friday nights 7-10pm (online), Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm (in person)
  • Where: Friday nights online via Zoom, Saturday and Sunday in person at The Light Centre, Monument, Central London and The Study Society, Barons Court, London
  • Faculty: Jamie Clarke, Marina De Lima and other TYP teachers.
  • Regular Price £3500 – full payment is required to start the course.
    Early Bird £3100 until 15/02/2023
  • To qualify for the early bird discount, book and pay the £450 deposit by 15/02/2023
  • Payment Plans are available, please inquire.
  • Students will be able to complete their course up to 1 year from the start date of the course.
  • At completion you will get a 200-hour YA & TYP Certificate


TYP’s Approach Overview:

Physical Practices: Based on a progressive learning orientation, this course uses the classical Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series as a foundation for the teaching, practicum and asanas. It also incorporates Rocket first sequence, as a way to develop the many facets of creativity within vinyasa and once grounded in traditional practice, offers possibilities of structured exploration and expression. Upon completion students will be trained and proficient in five routines, from the full classic Ashtanga Series through to a modified Rocket 1 routine including abbreviated practices for different student audiences. Therefore students will have a powerful range of practices to anchor their teaching journey at the conclusion of the course.

A Functional Approach: TYP takes a ‘Functional’ approach to all its teaching of postures and their configuration. What this means is that students will be taught an understanding of structural anatomy, looking at our bone differences and awakening to how these variations influence the postures that they practice and teach. These realities often challenge traditional alignment guidelines, and yet they offer a more personal understanding of a students skeletal abilities. Therefore poses will be taught “Energetically’ and “Experientially” and will be an important principle that builds a students intelligence and insight, elevating their teaching and attuning to their own students.

Subtle Practices: TYP further supplements the physical practices with breathing, meditation and inner-work practices which support a student’s transformation. The breathing practices of classical Hatha Yoga pranayama are practical, safe and appropriate and provide significant depth to a student’s toolbox of disciplines they can offer to their students. Students will be introduced to the yogic meditation discipline and will learn introductory practices of Buddhist Anapana technique and a Nyasa awareness of the spine ritual.

Course Philosophy & Psychology: The philosophy and theoretical aspects of this course encompass Raja Yoga Philosophy (Patanjali), the ancestral lineage of Hatha Yoga, and ancient Tantric Chakra Psychology. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and his 8 Limbed System form the philosophical structure of the course. Each module is assigned to an independent limb of this model as students explore a practical framework on how to approach their own path towards freedom of pre-existing conditioning (Samsara).
A focus on the history and lineage of Hatha Yoga will also be an important part of the students theoretical structure. Each module maps a segment of the historical ingredients of the student’s own discipline, providing appreciation and context for the craft that they are learning to practice and teach.
Lastly, this course incorporates the map of the ancient Chakra System and its subtle anatomy theories. The Chakras are energetic centers within the spine that guide the practitioner towards healing & wholeness. The psychology of the Chakras provide the ancient foundation of Western Transpersonal Psychology today, and it is an invaluable model which supports a practitioner’s transformation both on and off the mat.

Please note: This training offers not only the transformational journey towards becoming a yoga teacher but the possibility of great insights and change in personal development. Patanjali’s 8 Limb system, as well the Tantric Chakras provide tried and trusted models from the ancient, eastern wisdom traditions. TYP are trained and licensed to present this material and are experienced in utilizing their practices and psychology, which provides the framework for this course. Students should be ready for their journey ahead and should contact TYP as to any concerns about their ability to complete the material. As to this, students should expect to inquire about their past programming, ancestry and early life conditioning, which provide significant blueprints of their body-mind conditioning. The approach and refinement of the body-mind field is essence of Yoga:

                                               “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha”
   Yoga is the Restraint and Modifications of the Mind (Patanjali, Sutra 1.2, Yoga Sutras)

What’s in the course?

During your 200hr Teacher Training with us, we will explore the following core subjects:

  • Asanas, including Sun Salutations A+B, Standing, Seated & Closing asanas of the Ashtanga Primary Series and The Rocket 1 sequence
  • 3 Comprehensive Yogic Pranayama/ Breathing Methods, including Ashtanga, Nadi Shodhana, Ana Viloma pranayama practices
  • Practicum exercises including Teaching a Class, Energetic and subtle anatomy; considering the 3 Bodies of Yoga related to the Koshas, Nadis and The Chakra System, also a deep emphasis on the 5 Bandhas or Magic Locks
  • The History and Philosophy of Yoga, from its’ birth to today and beyond
  • The Art of teaching Yoga; how to teach a class (Ashtanga Vinyasa/Rocket 1) in a functional, sensitive & inclusive manner, how to adjust (verbally and physically)

Benefits of Training:

  • TYP has been training teachers since 2010 and have trained approximately 3,000 teachers within this course and related courses
  • Jamie & Dulce have been training teachers since 2003 & 2006 respectively, (+35 years experience)
  • TYP uses all TYP trained RYT 500 hour teachers to assist and teach on all their courses.
  • TYP have trained many of the worlds (particularly UK/ London) most qualified and success teachers
  • All teachers have a learning/ healing path that opens from the 200 Foundation course, with the Advanced & Inner Work Level courses, that extends towards & beyond a YA RYT 500 qualification
  • All graduating students become part of connected to the resources of the TYP teaching community (+ 3000 teachers)

Students Competencies at Graduation:

  • Students will be able to competently teach a full Modified Primary class.
  • They will be competent and comfortable adjusting,
  • They will be knowledgeable to teach 5 Vinyasa routines.
  • They will be clear and informed on the rudiments of the classic Primary Series
  • They will be comfortable with the ‘tools’ of Ashtangas classic techniques of the practice
  • They will know the Ashtanga opening and closing prayers
  • They will have worked at an introductory level the philosophy and psychology of the Chakras
  • They will be knowledgeable of the 8 Limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga system.
  • They will have a functional knowledge of the history and lineage of the Yogic School & Hatha Yoga
  • Students will be knowledgeable about how to teach Asana functionall

meet your lead teacher

Jamie Clarke has been teaching Yoga since 2001. He is inspired by Yoga as a means of trauma resolution, psycho-emotional transformation, and actual-spiritual growth. He is an E-RYT 200/ 500 teacher and a co-founder of The Yoga People, RYS 200/500 since 2006 & 2009 respectively. He has a long-term background in Western Psychotherapy & Transpersonal Psychology, is a trained and licensed Transpersonal Psychology counsellor, with an established client-centric practice. He has a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of London. Yoga Background & Approach He is directly trained by Yoga masters; Larry Schultz – Ashtanga Vinyasa & Rocket, Lino Miele -Mysore Ashtanga, Paul and Suzee Grilley – Yin Yoga & Applied Anatomy and Edward Clark – Tripsichore. He is master teacher of skeletal/bio-mechanic Applied Anatomy (1000+ hrs training), has led approximately 100 live teacher trainings delivering to 2,500+ teachers worldwide. His teaching approach recognises uniqueness, using a customised ‘functional’ approach to separate-out the conditioned, integrate the authentic and to develop the fullest expression of oneself as honestly as possible.

it's time to take the first step on your yoga teaching journey.
trust the process. all you need is an open mind, and a courageous heart.
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Are you ready? 

Do you feel the call to ignite your passion, start teaching from the heart and fully speaking your truth? Step into your own light and reveal a full understanding of YOU!This is an holistic course which also covers Anatomy, Teaching Skills & Technique, Sequencing, Adjusting, Philosophy & Lineage, Pranayama & Meditation.

our graduates

Dulce and Jamie are incredible teachers and the way they run their yoga school is highly professional, not only do you get an amazing training which leaves you fully prepared to start teaching, you also become part of a family.

Katarina Rayburn

200-hour Foundation, Rocket, Mandala, Yin and the Elements & Pranification Graduate.


Jamie & Dulce are great, you couldn’t have better teachers, they’ve got the right balance between light & heavy, they complement each other like yin & yang.

Marcus veda

200-hour Foundation, Rocket & Yin Graduate.


I was incredibly impressed with all aspects of the training. Jamie and Dulce teach from such a huge bank of personal knowledge; they are humble to their own teachers, inspiring in their practice, and they teach accurately, engagingly and from the heart. 

Hannah Whittingham

200-hour Foundation, Rocket & Mandala Graduate.

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