300-Hour Teacher Training

Rocket, Yin, Mandala

Certified by TYP & Yoga Alliance

Location: Dunes 13, Goa, India
Dates: 3rd March - 9th April 2024

£4,350 for the full 300 hours (£650 deposit) – Early bird until 1st Feb 2024: £3,800.
£1,600 per module if booked individually (£500 deposit) – Early bird until 1st Feb 2024: £1,400.
Payment plans available, please contact TYP to discuss.

Accommodation and food NOT included
Contact Dune 13, Goa, directly via dunes13@rediffmail.com or visit http://dunesgoa.com/

E-Visa is back and available for most countries. Apply online and receive your e-Visa within a few days.

Tuition and materials included.

Upon completion of hours, students will receive a 300-hour YA & TYP Certificate.

Module 1: Rocket & Patterns

An exploration of the Rocket Sequences and Pattern inner work journey
Faculty: Jamie Clarke & Amme Poulton

Rocket and Pattern-work is the course that expands a student’s abilities and agilities on and off the mat. In this course there will be double-daily practices of Rocket and/or Rocket sequence vignettes, as well its theory, philosophy and savvy techniques. Students will experience the playful and inclusive essence of Rocket, going beyond limitations and expectations to new heights of practice, that earn it its hallmark beyond Classical Ashtanga.

3rd-13th March 2024 | Module 1 | 100 Hours | Can be booked separately or as part of the full 300hr program

Module 2: Yin As Applies To Vinyasa (Upper & Lower Body)

Faculty: Jamie Clarke

More info coming soon

17th – 27th March 2024 | Module 2 | 100 Hours | Can be booked separately or as part of the full 300hr program

Module 3: Mandala & Shamanism

Learn the transformative practice with a transformative experience 
Faculty: Dulce Mandala, Carlos Mundalah, Nicholas Menard

A Mandala practice encompasses movement in all directions and perspectives. This provides greater awareness than a linear flow. 
We will dive into the method which consists of 4 sequences, one for each Element and its specific muscular/energetic activation. We will move 360 and flow through asanas, inversions and introspection. You will feel the Elements within and find a deeper inner state by a constant synchrnoisation of movement and breath.

30th March – 9th April | Module 3 | 100 Hours | Can be booked separately or as part of the full 300hr program

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