TYP Course Structure

At TYP, we build our students’ knowledge and awareness through a layered journey of study. The course structure is organised into 3 Levels. Each level offers a progressive learning experience and a sharpening of ones’ discernment of what is inherently appropriate for ones own growth. As such, each learning level offers variations on training modality, practice, discipline, philosophy including psychology and the transformation emphasis.

Foundation Level 1

Foundation Level 1; Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Hour Accreditation.

This is the course where students go through their initial transformation. It is the beginning of their practice discipline and philosophical framework, and it provides firm experience and resilience for the Upper Level courses. The foundation practice discipline is Ashtanga Vinyasa and its philosophical framework introduces the Tantric Chakras and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. A regular Ashtanga or Vinyasa practice is strongly recommended.

Upper Levels 2 & 3

Advanced Level 2; Yoga Alliance RYT 300 Hour (RYT500) Accreditation

These courses include practices that we feel build on from the Foundation Level, such as Mandala, Rocket and the Yin Yoga discipline (including Yin Foundations and Yin Applies to Vinyasa). There are varying philosophical and psychological practices and frameworks, which include Shamanism, Western Transpersonal Psychology including its mythology, Yoga Sutras, Tantra and its Chakras and Elements.
A prior 200 Hour Foundation Level experience is recommended.

Advanced Level Practice Plus; These courses are distinct from the standard Advance Level, as students should be aware that they include stronger, more intense practical components. For example: Yin and Chakra Meditation or Yin and Tantra include daily plus hours of Chakra meditation or demanding group/ interpersonal practices such as touch and relating. The hours also adhere to the YA RYT 300 Hour accreditation. Please inquire if necessary as to practice suitability.

Inner-work Level 3; Partial Hours ~ apply to Yoga Alliance (RYT300) Accreditation 

This level is not specifically Yoga Alliance certified and is primarily intended for personal psychology inquiry and deeper healing. Its approach focuses largely on family of origin, relationships or specific inner-work relating to Western Transpersonal psychology. Course offerings include; Healing the Feminine (Mother-Complex), Healing the Masculine (Father-Complex) and Healing the Relational (Relationships) Wounds. This level is built (although is not strictly dependent) on the previous two levels. Inner-work experience is recommended. Please inquire as to course suitability and the amount of hours which are awarded a students the RYT 300 course total.

Please contact TYP if you have any questions regarding course eligibility.

Cautionary Note:

All TYP courses are rooted in the traditions of Yoga, (Patanjali, Hatha, Vedanta &Tantra) as well as having significant influences of Shamanism and Western Transpersonal Psychology. This means that a student’s lineage, background, childhood, and early life parenting, can be looked into as a consequence of the

practices and philosophies.

All students should be clear with themselves or a licensed physician if necessary, about their physical, emotional, and mental condition, before embarking on any


Please fill pre-course application/ information carefully and accurately, to ensure the safety and appropriateness of any live or online training experience.

Our Core Values

“Does this path have heart? If it does, then the path is good; If it doesn’t, it is of no use. Both paths lead nowhere; but one has a heart, the other doesn’t”.

~ Carlos Castaneda

Truth by Listening and being our own Experience (Authenticity)

~ TYP’s approach appreciates that we all have own inherent experience. By grounding in the authenticity of what arises within ourselves, it can then be possible to see what we are and what we are not. Therefore seeking our personal truth creates the ground for further practice and expression.

Yes to being Free to Question and Change (Discernment)

~ At TYP we feel that it is necessary to constantly re-evaluate our disciplines as part of our dharma. Reflecting on whether something feels right ensures our practices maintain purpose. Discerning free of dogma giving ourselves permission to change approaches when necessary, allows our growth edge to keep fresh and in focus.

Practicing in Opening to Love (To be our Fullest Expression)

~ TYP’s chemistry escapes definition or explanation. It just is. This energy fuels our practices, trainings and experiences and unlocks the potential for great personal and collective transformation. In this state we are one.

So, we journey our own path which has heart, risk everything for conscious awareness, and be fearless to find our truth in the most honest expression of ourselves, whatever the cost. Then, we share it with boundless love.