Our Intention

The Intention of TYP is to awaken and nurture the best Yoga teachers and Inner-Work practitioners in the world.

~ When we describe Yoga, we refer to it as part of its classical definition as described by the sage Patanjali; ‘restraining the modifications of the mind’.

Yet, in this constant process, we at TYP see ourselves as deeply being a part of finding out what that practice and process means.

~ We are passionate about uncovering what is truthful, and in so doing discovering what is beyond the impressions and conditioning of the mind.

Practicing this, means observing that something reveals, something dissolves and something is always there.

At our root(s), at the very heart of us…love is always there.

~ If there is any interruption or block to this process, then we are interested, practiced and knowledgeable about what and how we can do; to restore this essential flow.