30-Hour Teacher Training

Mandala One

Location: Live Online (with 1 month replay)
Dates: 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th November 2023

£100 deposit
£320 early bird until 31st August 2023
£400 regular price
Full payment is due 1 month prior the course

2 live Integration / Q&A sessions after the course
PDF Manual & Materials
Yoga Alliance Certificate
WhatsApp Group for continued assistance


The course is the simplification of the original Elemental routines into 4 new Mandalas.

Departing from a breakdown of Asanas per Element, we will create Vinyasas from a beginner’s perspective.


What you get

Breathwork Practices

Mandala Routines


Elemental Activation Tools

Templates to create your own sequences.

This is for each Element

A typical day

12pm Breathwork

12.30pm Mandala ONE Flow

3pm Methodology

4pm Routine Explanation / Element Template

4.30pm Elemental Breathwork Explanation

5:30pm Magic / Connection

6:15pm Mudra Meditation

7pm End of Mandala Day

This training is for you

Teachers looking for inspiration

 Practitioners delving deeper

Looking for a connection with the Elements

Your Teachers

Dulce Mandala

Dulce has been following a path of yoga, self-inquiry and shamanic tradition for almost 20 years. Her path includes Shamanic Practices and influences from Rocket, Mandala, Tripsichore & Yin Yoga. Her intention is to live in harmony leading to a freer experience with herself and others. Her approach encourages self-responsibility in the search of your inner guru.

Dulce created the Mandala Vinyasa Method based on the 4 Elements. She integrates diverse Yoga forms & Shamanism with special attention to intention. By feeling the Element in the physical self, awareness in the emotional and psychological realms transpire. This creates integration.

Nicholas Menard

Nicholas is here to have a positive impact on the world and create magic in every interaction. He has been diving into various healing modalities for the past 10+ years seeking to answer one question…Why do we know the most about ourselves mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally yet we are collectively the most unhealthy humans to ever walk the face of the earth? His mission is to discover and provide tools for each individual to uncover the answer to that question. His passion for Breathwork dates back to a session that led him to cry for the first time since his father passed away 13 years prior. He experienced its deep effect on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. He now seeks to lead and share the breath with all those who are looking to explore its wide ranging, impactful powers. He deploys a variety of breathwork techniques and practices to create an experience with intention to meet the breather where they are at. Each breath is perfect, depending on the effect one is seeking. We will be directing the breath to the element and energy of the day to supercharge our practice and awaken parts of us that have been dormant. Let’s get ready to explore, play and get curious on our breath journey.