50-hour Teacher Training

Rocket and Yin

Certified by TYP & Yoga Alliance

Location: Mission, 7-9 Fashion Street London E1 6PX, London
Dates: 19th-25th June 2023
Times: 09:00 - 18:30
Faculty: Jamie Clarke & Amme Poulton

£1100 full price / £950 Early Bird until 7th June 2023.

Upon completion of hours, students will receive a 50-hour TYP Rocket and Yin Training Certification, which contributes to your Yoga Alliance, registered RYT 500 accreditation.

Rocket and Yin Overview

This experience is brought to you by two teachers, directly mentored and trained by Rocket Yoga pioneer Larry Schultz and Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley, offering you direct transmission of authentic teachings of philosophy and practice.

Essentially this course will develop your yang practice, through the classic three practices of Rocket Yoga, supported by deep Yin Yoga experiences, allowing for new possibilities of energetic flow, flexibility and inner awareness.

Emphasis will be given to the Rocket Yoga discipline, supporting students to be proficient in teaching Rocket Yoga upon completion. Comparatively the Yin Yoga practices and discussions are intended to be an introduction to the practice, to feel its energetic benefits and to appreciate its potential of enhancing and balancing a dynamic practice.

Additional course components

Relevant anatomy comparisons, which highlight Larry’s insights into an personalised yet inclusive Rocket Yoga discipline.

An introduction into pattern work, which introduces students to deeper psychological development accessing the archetypes of mother and father.

Why Rocket and Yin

So often attempted and yet rarely mastered, combining dynamic and stillness practices can mutually support each other when applied appropriately. Practicing Yin to support Rocket opens students to new levels of practice. In this training experience, Rocket and Yin practices are taught comparatively, including relatable subjects such as fascia/connective tissue, bio-mechanics, energetic tools and and overview of energetic/meridian theory.

Learning outcomes

Students will achieve the following from completing this course:

  • 50 Hours TYP Certification, as recognised by Yoga Alliance USA, contributing to your Yoga Alliance, registered RYT 500 accreditation
  • Proficiency and knowledge to teach Rocket 1, 2, 3 sequences
  • Tools and techniques for: advanced asanas, inversions and transitions, core strength and practice
  • Deeper understanding of eastern and western philosophy and psychology
  • Applied anatomy proficiency for safer and effective teaching and practicing
  • Yin Yoga essentials and introduction to understanding the Yin practice approach
  • Sequencing will be covered in depth within the Rocket, however pattern work refers to the inner work segment working with copied and rejected aspects of mother and father.


Meet your teachers

Jamie and Amme are two of the few senior teachers taught and mentored by pioneer Larry Schultz personally. They have approaching 50 years teaching experience collectively, and are inspired to bring an ‘old-school’ Larry Schultz experience in this unique yoga offering.

Jamie Clarke

Jamie is inspired by yoga as a means of mind and body integration, as well as psycho-emotional and spiritual transformation. His intention is to seek the deepest truth within himself and to support others in their search.

His teaching approach combines yin and yang, east and west. In this way, his appreciation of eastern philosophies of Tantra, Buddhism, Daoism and the cultural practices of Shamanism, come together with the observations and thinking of the great depth psychologists of the west. The result is a yoga and meditation philosophy and practice combined with transpersonal psychology, context and process.

Amme Poulton

Amme holds the highest certification given by the Yoga Alliance UK. She began practising yoga in 1996 to heal her body after two knee surgeries. After completing an Ashtanga training in San Francisco, CA in 2001, she began teaching yoga full time. Over the years, her explorations of yoga brought her to study with renowned teachers of a variety of styles, and she completed a hatha training in 2003, and Ana Forrest’s advanced training in 2004. She taught in San Francisco, CA for 7 years before heading to Tulum, Mexico and NYC, and now London since February 2009.

She teaches classes that are challenging and dynamic, creating a practice that heals and detoxifies the body and mind. Emphasizing awareness through precision, meditation in motion, and the art of conscious embodiment, her classes challenge the body, engage the mind and quicken the spirit.


  • Rocket Yoga and Yin Yoga are for all ages and experience levels, although they require careful and skilful knowledge and guidance, to ensure effectiveness and safety.
  • For students, this course offers a full teacher training opportunity to learn the Rocket system thoroughly and safely. The Yin part of the course is an introduction to a deeper, more meditative experience and how it can support and complement a dynamic practice.
  • This course is for practitioners and teachers who want broaden their vinyasa teaching with a more advanced and inclusive yoga system (Rocket), developing creativity and freedom and a mixed level approach.
  • For students who are curious about the Yin Yoga practice, its structural anatomy and meditative wisdom.

Course Content

  • Full Rocket (90-120min) practices based on the classic Rocket sequences as pioneered and taught by Larry Schultz
  • Sequencing for Rocket’s 1, 2, 3 routines and pose modification, transitions, tempos, core development analysis & breakdown
  • Mastery techniques for inversions, posture-to-posture transitions, core development (mula bandha check-ups), advanced asanas and krama (ascending levels) posture modifications
  • Rocket key principles: routine, tempo, breath practice, drishti, bandha development and control
  • Larry Schultz practice philosophy
  • Discourse and discussions on east vs. west, spiritual/transpersonal philosophy and psychology (referencing Yoga Sutras and practice psychology)
  • Yin skeletal range variation/applied anatomy – student contrast comparisons
  • Yin’s theoretical anatomy model
  • Extended Yin Yoga practices (90 mins), anatomical/functional approach
  • Yin Yoga Sutra and principle of the practice
  • Intro to pattern Work: transpersonal psychology relating to inherited patterns of primary caregivers (cycle of transformation, negative love syndrome, vicious cycle and transference
  • Please note that while students will be introduced to Yin’s philosophy and practice, this course does not try to train teachers in Yin Yoga. Further training will be required to teach Yin Yoga.
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All TYP courses are rooted in the traditions of Yoga, (Patanjali, Hatha, Vedanta &Tantra) as well as having significant influences of Shamanism and Western Transpersonal Psychology. This means that a student’s lineage, background, childhood, and early life parenting, can be looked into as a consequence of the

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