25-hour Teacher Training

Yin Foundations

Begin your Yin journey

Certified by TYP & Yoga Alliance

Location: Mission, 7-9 Fashion Street London E1 6PX, London
Dates: 15th, 16th, 17th, July 2023
Times: 09:00 - 18:30
Faculty: Jamie Clarke

£600 full price / £485 Early Bird until 15th June 2023.

Upon completion of hours, students will receive a 25-hour TYP Yin Foundations Training Certification, which contributes to your Yoga Alliance, registered RYT 500 accreditation.

 Yin Foundations Overview

This 3-day foundational course specializes in beginning a student or teacher’s journey correctly and thoroughly, from a trusted Yin Yoga lineage (contemporary Yin Yoga founder’s- Paul & Suzee Grilley). Jamie Clarke has learned from, assisted, and taught for the Grilley’s since 2011.

The course provides a systematic foundation in learning how to practice and teach Yin Yoga effectively and safely, for all ranges of students and experience levels.

This course is structured in accordance to ‘Functional’ teaching; whereby postures are practiced and sequenced to address specific target areas and abilities of students.

The ‘Functional’ Yin practices essentially integrate musculoskeletal anatomy, meridian theory and experiential wisdom relating to the mental, emotional and physical layers of the mind-body field.

What is Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is an in-depth, transformative practice that attracts the more experienced Vinyasa Yoga teachers and students. Practitioners are drawn to Yin to develop their yoga experience beyond dynamic and formulaic approaches and to condition the body towards meaningful meditation.

Course Inclusion/ Exclusions

The course includes Yin practices & methodology, principles of the yin practice, sequencing, Yin’s theoretical anatomy system (14-10-7) and an introduction to Chakra meditation. It also includes the Yin Yoga Sutras, Yin’s Functional Approach, meditation posture analysis and insights, pitfalls and contraindications of Yin postures (20 Basic) & practice.

It does not include the Applied Anatomy (skeletal range of motion comparisons) and practical anatomy demonstrations, which are included in the Advanced Yin course offerings (Chakras, Elements & Applied for Vinyasa).

Yin’s Approach  

Yin is customarily taught ‘Functionally’ whereby postures to relate to specific target areas of the body.  

Postures are held in stillness per periods of time applying progressive tension to the connective tissue of the body, requiring awareness and skill to achieve its special benefits.  

Yin Benefits

Yin Yoga essentially integrates musculoskeletal anatomy, meridian theory and experiential wisdom on the mental, emotional and physical layers of the body. Therefore the Yin discipline becomes a natural portal into a practitioner’s psychology and healing. 

Who is this course for?

Yin is for all ages and experience levels, yet requires careful and systematic knowledge and guidance, to ensure effectiveness and safety.

For students, this course offers an introduction to a deeper physical experience; practitioners can use Yin to support physical recovery and healing, as well as their inner inquiry of meditation and psychotherapy.

For teachers, this course offers a deeper option for their teaching; which translates to transformative group experiences, trainings & retreats and private 1-2-1 therapeutic applications.


Meet your teacher


Jamie Clarke has been teaching Yoga since 2001. He is inspired by Yoga as a means of trauma resolution, psycho-emotional transformation, and actual-spiritual growth. He is an E-RYT 200/ 500 teacher and a co-founder of The Yoga People, RYS 200/500 since 2006 & 2009 respectively. He has a long-term background in Western Psychotherapy & Transpersonal Psychology, is a trained and licensed Transpersonal Psychology counsellor, with an established client-centric practice. He has a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of London. Yoga Background & Approach He is directly trained by Yoga masters; Larry Schultz – Ashtanga Vinyasa & Rocket, Lino Miele -Mysore Ashtanga, Paul and Suzee Grilley – Yin Yoga & Applied Anatomy and Edward Clark – Tripsichore. He is master teacher of skeletal/bio-mechanic Applied Anatomy (1000+ hrs training), has led approximately 100 live teacher trainings delivering to 2,500+ teachers worldwide. His teaching approach recognises uniqueness, using a customised ‘functional’ approach to separate-out the conditioned, integrate the authentic and to develop the fullest expression of oneself as honestly as possible.

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Cautionary Note:

All TYP courses are rooted in the traditions of Yoga, (Patanjali, Hatha, Vedanta &Tantra) as well as having significant influences of Shamanism and Western Transpersonal Psychology. This means that a student’s lineage, background, childhood, and early life parenting, can be looked into as a consequence of the

practices and philosophies.

All students should be clear with themselves or a licensed physician if necessary, about their physical, emotional, and mental condition, before embarking on any


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