Yin & archetypes

Yin yoga and interactive work to focus 
on our unresolved masculine complexes

Yin & archetypes

25-hour Teacher Training Course

We will be awakening how early life father experiences & masculine essences from our mothers have contributed to our personalities and have influence our experiences in our adult coupled relationships.

We will also see how early life masculine/father conditioning creates a template of who we are attracted to in an intimate partner, and then contribute to the shadow aspects and challenges that arise in our relationships and can often create relational dissatisfaction and breakdown. 

As part of this intriguing journey, expect to take a truthful look at your dysfunctional masculine essences and how they are contributing to any unhealthy or disruptive patterns in your intimate partnerships. 

As our body practice we will use Yin Yoga and the Chakra and Meridian philosophies, to somatically support our inner work insights and revelations on this magical healing journey.

Prior to our live experience there will be virtual lectures delivered interactively. They include assignments & partner work to build awareness and emotional resilience. We will then come together live for two days to release and resolve wounded aspects, collectively and safely.

 To complete our process there will be an assignment to consolidate our insights.

Certified by TYP & Yoga Alliance as part of our RYT 300 & 500-hour Program

  • Dates: 30th & 31st October LIVE in person¬†
  • Times: 9:00 – 17:00 ¬†
  • Length: 2 days (15hrs LIVE in person) and 10hrs of video lectures
  • Venue: The Light Centre, Monument & your home
  • Intention: to develop our archetypal understandings in transforming our wounded masculine & feminine complexes
  • Faculty: Jamie Clarke
  • Investment: ¬£500 GBP full price/¬£400 early bird (applies until 30/September)
  • Full payment is required to begin.¬†Payment plans are available
  • Upon completion you will get a 25-hour YA & TYP Certificate


  • It is suggested ¬†to take the archetypal Yin Foundations, Yin & Chakras and/or Yin & Elements as preparation healing work before this course.
  • Students will be required to complete a family dynamic/history questionnaire.¬†
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