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What The Yoga People Do

What we offer at TYP are; world-renowned, highest quality teacher trainings, retreats, Inner-work courses and one to one therapy. All courses are accredited live or virtual experiences, designed for a practitioners healing & personal development.

Whether you are a yoga teacher looking to learn philosophy or teaching disciplines & methods for your classes, or a healing practitioner who is interested in aligning yourself to deeper truth or unravelling karma, TYP offers specialised transformational experiences for your journey.

Whatever intentions you have for your healing or personal transformation, TYP provides a map & pathway for you to realise your fullest potential.  

Disciplines, Philosophies, Experience

We offer Yoga Trainings in; Classical Mysore Ashtanga, Rocket (direct lineage of Larry Schultz) Yin Yoga (direct lineage of Paul & Suzee Grilley) & Mandala (as created by Dulce Mandala). 

The Philosophies we incorporate are; Western Transpersonal Psychology (Jungian Archetypal, Psychosynthesis and Integrated Psychodynamic), Shamanic (Mayan, North American) & Tantric Chakra theory including their psychic Elements.

Our Experience is; 40 years of collective (Jamie & Dulce) Yoga teaching experience, have trained more than 3,000 students worldwide and have delivered Yoga Alliance accredited courses in Foundation & Advanced Levels for over 20 years.

What our graduates say

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